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Post Re: Theoo basketballs school

hey class!!!

#2 a lesson , shoting jumpshot

sorry for be so late to these calss its is always sundayn , but is monday now but these well be good class.

"Have you ever wanted to shoot the perfect jump-shot? Think about it. You’re on a team and you get the ball and down the court by the free-throw line and you shoot it and...swish! That could be you, with a little practice. "

now many peoples to ish see these player ot the nba and think how they do a fk** jump to the shots all the time , and nothing and the net , with a none effort to it. these take a many practise , a many practise more like jumpballtip. nothing to and basketball is easy like a jumpbnalltip, like shoting a jumpshot , like am ake rebound !!! here the step to shot a jumpshot

step 1 make a bend to your knee
step 2 make a jump
step 3 make a shot to the air
step 4 make a wrist bend and a shot the basket
step 5 make a followed to it , and look to the baskets
step 6make a land to your feet on ground
step 7 make a bend to yourknee to the up again , to stop followed to it
step 8make a nothing and the net
step 9make a repeats to these !!! have a patient and your well make shoting a jump shot 90% nothing and the net.

next lesson well be make jumpballtip but if yuour peoples to ish want lesson to something else tell to me !! have write to it before sunday!!

Originally Posted by zizozain
we -the fans of theoo- know it's an alt account, and know he
purposely puts all those spelling and grammatical errors in there

we still love him and follow him

theoo we love you .. you are the master of (a BRAIN POSTING)

but you never answered my question
who's the greatest jumpballtip player of all time? please say kareem

Kareem loved them, he said:''Game opening jump balls were always special; they meant another chance to improve, to perform, to be great!''

oh a great questins to these posts. first i well make a fixed to your - your say that your know to me a alts account? im an alt mean alternataive , that im alternataive , no i always have theoo, am no other then theoo , when i maker to this account i have never be to ish hoops.

kareem is amazeng to the jumpballtip your know that he do practise it more then all the player to game. and the think is coinsidense that he have a most points all time history these the fk** jumpballtip i have say a millions times that is important but karreem only fk* person that know to these , he have a more confidense to make a skyhooks then another player. but i think that wilt chambarlane the best ot nba all times to jumpblaltip , look to hes youtube , he make a jumpballtip none effort

look to hes form , hes confidense , hes one the best all time the rank to this is

#1 chamberlain
#2 kareem
#3 yao ming
#4 shaq diesel fk** retart shaqtin fool
#5 camby

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