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Default Re: Is John Wall now a top 5 PG?

Originally Posted by Graviton
Since All-Star Break and in past month or two...

1) Westbrook
2) Wall
3) Paul
4) Deron
5) Parker

Honorable mentions: Lawson, Curry, Conley, Jeff Teague

Defensively Wall is one of the best and as far as breaking down the defense and finding teammates goes he is as good if not better than Westbrook. What doesn't show up on the statsheet is his dynamic presence, every time he is on the court the opposing team has trouble containing his drives, which leads to open shots for everyone. He has an impact on the court matched only by Westbrook/Rose.

Curry/Irving can get hot and win you a game on offense, but they are not anything special defensively or at controlling the flow of the game. Wall controls the pace and dominates if not gameplanned correctly.

Still butthurt he made Westbrook his son last time they played stay salty.
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