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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I love this game. I even really like the small things like reading the various journals/notes throughout the game, the comments people will make and how some of their dialogue gets updated when something major happens in the game, watching enemies doing pirouettes and/or falling sizable distances when I hit them with Ice Form, watching other battles (I was at one place and I had a great view of a dragon fighting against a Forsworn fort), watching a thief run around in Riften only to get mowed down by a rain of arrows, etc...

My only problems:
Jumping can be retarded at times
It can take a while to get to some locations (stupid mountains...). I don't like having to travel all the away around an area just to find the one path that leads up (so yeah, sometimes I'll use my super-mountain climbing horse to get up)
Not much of a problem, but dragons can attack at some inopportune times (when I first got to Karthwasten I was watching some sort of dispute when it got abruptly interrupted by some asshole dragon. I used the Storm Call shout, and found out that you shouldn't do it when civilians are nearby...)
I thought some of the questlines were too short. I was liking the Dark Brotherhood line, but then it kind of ends abruptly. I got the new place and spiffied it up and then that was it (I'm not going to count the unlimited 'kill random person' quest)
The only quest I haven't liked so far is the 'find 30 crimson nirnroots' one

I'm getting closer and closer to getting everything done, but I did get all the add ons when they were on sale, so I have a decent amount of things left to do
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