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Default Re: San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

POTG: Tony Parker

An overtime thriller concluded in San Antonio late Thursday night with the sold out Spurs crowd rejoicing as the Thunder fell.

The Spurs were led by Tony Parker, who scored 30 points and dished 11 assists while not turning the ball over once.

"[Russell] Westbrook was taking it to me early. Beating me off the dribble possession after possession. I became determined to make his job as a defender as hard as mine was. When I started hitting several shots in a row and collapsing the defense when I drove I was able to pass to my open teammates giving them shots they hit," Parker explained.

Parker was also responsible for the three-pointer that put the Spurs into overtime, after running down the clock.

"Even though he was our leading scorer Tony [Parker] was the last option on that play. We had [Matt] Bonner screen him but that didn't work, we had Danny Green cutting and getting screens and that didn't work. As well as a few other options that didn't come to fruition. It came down to a make or go home shot with no chance for a rebound and you saw what happened," Gregg Popovich spoke in the press conference post-game.

When overtime came it wasn't Parker who was the hero. Kawhi Leonard scored 6 of their 12 points, including two free throws from a Russell Westbrook blocking foul with seconds left that put the Spurs up by 2. Not only that, but he was the one who put his hand directly in the face of Kevin Durant's 3 pointer to force the near miss. That shot would have won Oklahoma the game.

"There wasn't a single moment of that overtime that wasn't tense. When I went up for that layup and I heard the whistle blow I thought for sure it would be [a] charging [call] and I was devastated. Seeing that it was a blocking [foul] on Westbrook and I'd have two shots at the line to take the lead I really had to calm myself and focus," Kawhi Leonard said.

Kevin Durant scored a season high 43 points in the loss to bring him past the 10,000 career point mark.

The Spurs will get a day of rest tomorrow and then play another home game against the Utah Jazz on Saturday.
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