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Thumbs up San Antonio Spurs: For Old Time Sake | 2k13 Association

Welcome to my NBA 2k13 Association thread. I will be controlling the San Antonio Spurs for one season. Here are the settings I am using, along with what custom sliders and rosters I will use.

Start Date: Beginning of Season
Season Length: 82 Games
Team Chemistry: On
Player Roles: Off
Progressive Fatigue: Off
Trade Deadline: On
Trade Override: Off
Allow CPU Trades: On
Preseason Games: On
Injuries: On
Fantasy Draft: None
Customize League: Off
All Playoff series are Best of 7
Quarter Length: 9 Minutes
Sim Quarter Length: 11 Minutes
Custom Sliders are copied from OperationSports user schnaidt1’s “Holy Game Play Batman”
Rosters are Bedwardsroy19 & Team’s 2k13 Roster Project, found again on OperationSports

I plan on playing through the first 10 games or so of the season and then just doing weekly recaps until around the all-star time. I will play a few games around there, then sim more doing recaps, and then for the last 10 games or so I will also play them myself. I will play all playoff games (provided I make the playoffs, haha). I will do around the league stuff as well, covering injuries, transactions, rumors, and more. There will be features such as Spurs player twitters, articles, and more.

I hope you enjoy reading and I await your feedback, praise, hate, etc.

Notable updates (articles and whatnot) :

clippersfan86 update #1
clippersfan86 update #2
How Deep? A look at the spurs title hopes
trades anyone? pt1
trades anyone? pt2
Bledsoe trade announcement
all-star starters announced
other all-star stuff
greg monroe trade announcement per woj
r.c. buford presser highlights

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