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Default Re: Team building game 2013. Now with coaches and a prize that isnt worth your time.

lol @ the jay leno entry. i know you testing us

i went 2nd round first.

1) pippen
2) penny

not worried that either these two could be 1st option. i think supporting cast can handle it.

down to:
3) harden (notice all guys can break em down off the dribble and my top two guys are solid perimeter defenders)

4) coach: JVG. need someone to check these guys and i always thought he was underrated

5) m. gasol. imagine this guy in the high post with his passing ability. you could run so many high screens off pippen/penny and this guy would be able to slow down the game w/ a legit post game. pippen/penny/harden could easily handle transition. shit, harden is excellent/elite in transition game this year wanna. throw in pippen and penny? mind you penny could run a halfcourt.

6) paul george. threw in another great defender but he has range. can stretch the court, rebound and pass. super mini lebron but i felt he was a steal at this point.

7) millsap. ultimate team player. great transition for his size. monster rebounder. what every team needs. he'll kick it out and re-run the offense. not even worried about rebounds when i have eaton coming up. all my guards are good offensive reboundrs. i'll throw in eaton just to troll.

8) mark eaton. pretty sure he'll gobble up blocks or take charges.

9) horry. in case my team hasn't beaten you into oblivion, horry will be here to stab you.

10) asik. just another guy to block shots and take charges, not back down. he'll grab plenty of o-reb's to go along the way. oh shit, you have trouble gaining rebounds when we're on offense? lulz.

11) rambis. transition monster. didn't back down. this a really pass first team on offense aside from our defensive rotations. this guy would finish and lay the wood on the opposing end.

good luck. ya, i might not have a traditional center to start, but i have some major fill ins and guys who are ready to run.

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