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Default Re: Team building game 2013. Now with coaches and a prize that isnt worth your time.

1 from group 1: MJ

3 from group 4: Larry Bird
Marc Gasol

4 from group 5: Blaylock
Doug Christie
Andre Miller

3 from group 6: Asik
Bruce Bowen
Shane Battier

2 from group 7: Steve Novak
Eddie House

Coach: Larry Bird
PG Andre Miller
SF Iguodala
PF Shane Battier
C Marc Gasol
Bench: Blaylock, Horry, Christie, Steve Novak, Eddie House, Asik

Larry Bird as a coach is good enough to reach the NBA finals, losing to the MJ-led Bulls. the rest of the roster is composed of players that would complement MJ. hard nosed defenders that can pass and shoot plus shooters like Steve Novak, Eddie House, and Big Shot Rob. a rotation of Marc Gasol and Asik at center is something MJ never had. granted Rodman is better than both. and while Pippen may be irreplaceable, Bowen, Battier, and Christie aren't too shabby themselves. Running the point is Andre Miller and Blaylock.

this team is a defensive powerhouse (the entire roster is a defensive beast) with great passers and shooters, modelled like the positionless team Miami is. aside from Asik and Gasol, most everybody can switch defensive positions with ease.

you telling me MJ won't steamroll any team with this roster? hell, he can even beat any of 3 peat Bulls team even if he went against a version of himself in those teams.

having MJ alone should be enough. but having this team that would destroy defensively and give you matchup nightmares and deadly shooters? lololol.

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