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Default Re: Team building game 2013. Now with coaches and a prize that isnt worth your time.

I love these threads. It makes logging on here almost worthwhile. I did two teams, using each method, and didn't use any of the same players twice:

Team 1:
Shaq 1
David West 4
Steph Curry 4
Eddie Jones 4
Byron Scott 5
Kendall Gill 5
JR Smith 5
Horace Grant 5
Brad Miller 6
Bruce Bowen 6
Jason Williams 6
Larry Sanders 7
Ramon Sessions 7

The idea behind this team was to surround Shaq with as much shooting as possible and give him room to destroy his man in single coverage. I was very happy to find Byron Scott a.k.a. The Point Guard Whisperer in Tier 5 as he is just the man to give Steph Curry the right balance of freedom and direction to run the show:

PG Curry/Jason Williams/Sessions
SG Eddie Jones/JR Smith/Bowen
SF Kendall Gill/JR Smith/Bowen
PF David West/Brad Miller/Horace Grant/Sanders
C Shaq/Brad Miller/Sanders

Offensively, there's no one you can leave on the perimeter, with Curry, Eddie and Gill all being threats from long range. David West plays his award winning role as "David West" and works the high post, shooting open 15 footers. If Gill is having one of his brick-laying games, JR Smith is ready and waiting. Jason Williams, while a decent 3 point shooter, is moreso included as a reliable backup who can find all these shooters and push the break. Brad Miller I envisage playing at least 10 minutes per game with Shaq because of his excellent passing from the high post.

Defensively, two of the best ballhawks of all time are at the 2 and 3 - Bowen is around if someone needs to wrestled for a half or kicked in the mouth (he can also pot his trademark corner 3's). Shaq patrols the paint. West, Horace and Sanders are all very good defenders - they can play in Miller's place if the matchup requires it. Sanders in round 7 is a steal.

Sessions included as the backup's backup incase Steph's plasticine ankle gives way. Byron had him playing some good ball in Cleveland in 2011

Team 2:
GP 2
Chris Webber 2
Ben Wallace 3
George Karl 4
Jalen Rose 4
Drazen Petrovic 4
Tyson Chandler 5
Jason Terry 5
Mookie Blaylock 5
Tony Allen 6
Anderson Varejao 6
Robin Lopez 7
Damon Jones 7

No real theme but a bunch of dudes who I could see George Karl getting a ton out of. He's reunited with GP, who is the best two-way point guard I have ever seen. I've intentionally paired him with Webber, who's career was arguably disappointing despite career averages of 21-10, because I think GP is just the man to push him and keep him focused. Rose, his childhood buddy, is on the roster for this reason, too.

PG GP/Mookie/Damon Jones
SG Petrovic/Jason Terry
SF Jalen Rose/Tony Allen
PF Webber/Varejao/Lopez
C Wallace/Chandler/Lopez

Offensively, I see it working similarly to how it did with the 96 Sonics, with GP using his size and skill to bully other point guards. Petrovic, one of the greatest shooters of all time, and Rose (career .355), are the floor spacers. Webber is the focal point inside, working the high and low blocks as a richman's Kemp or Baker on Karl's old Sonics & Bucks teams. Wallace is richman's Kenneth Faried, who Karl has coached into a monster, and Chandler does the same things: rolls hard, dunks lobs. Benchwise, it's a guard's show with Mookie and Terry carrying the load - I'm not thrilled about the bench scoring on this team so I figure the starter's would have to be staggered, to ensure enough firepower was kept on the floor. Varejao, I feel, is underrated as an offensive player, and he could be handy working the P&R with Terry

Defensively, this is a tough group. It's 48 minutes of hell for the opposing PG with GP and Mookie. Wallace, Chandler and Varejao is about the most energetic, tough and mean big man combo I can think of. Rose played for some great Pacer defenses and held his own. There are question marks on Webber, but he has Wallace and Chandler to lean on, and Petro and Terry, which is why Tony Allen is on the team. If someone starts going off, Tony goes in.

Damon Jones and Robin Lopez are both solid players and amusing bench cheerleaders.

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