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Default Re: Team building game 2013. Now with coaches and a prize that isnt worth your time.

pg - Hinrich(6)/Terry(5)
sg - Roy(4)/Cooper(6)/Korver(6)
sf - Detlef(4)/Dandridge(5)/korver(6)/Novak(7)
pf - Horace(5)/Horry(5)/Novak(7)
c - Hakeem(1)/Bradley(7)

Coach: Adleman(4)

IDK if it's the best team, but I like it.

I think this is the first team made with option 1 picks and I kinda just chose Hakeem and went from there. I've always thought that the skill set Hakeem brought would allow him to be just as effective today as he would have been in early times (I don't think players were worse, it's just that the current rules discourage post play and conversely encourage dribble drive play to such a degree that it almost makes it not worth it to start a team with a center and to just get a Tyson Chandler type later IMO).

I know this team doesn't have as many defensive stopper types that most teams of these nature have, but I also think mine would have a better balance overall on offense and defense that a lot of those teams tend to lack. I've noticed a tendency to overrate defense in these drafts and pick a lot of stopper types under (what I presume) the assumption that the offense will take care of itself. I think having a good flowing halfcourt offense helps on the defensive side too. It limits fast break opportunities for the opposition and allows you to establish your halfcourt d.

I've always thought highly of Adleman and think he might have been undervalued in where he was placed. He generally seems to have his teams overachieve and I think he would do well with this team.

I've also think that Hinrich was a good pg to match with a more ball dominate shooting guard (Roy was pretty ball dominate and worked better with Steve Blake as opposed to Andre Miller)

I think Dandridge is a sleeper pick and I almost want to start him over Detlef (Detlef's shooting range is what tilts it his way). I know it cause no one knows about him (I really don't either), but from what I gather he was a good player, maybe like a Loul Deng level perhaps (who was a tier above him)?

I know it's kinda redundant (and prevented me from getting a better back for Hakeem, but hes gonna play like 40+ mins anyway so whatever) I like the idea of having both novak and korver. I think that in limited minutes having two guys on the floor that can drain threes like layups could give teams fits (especially if teamed up with Detlef). A Hakeem-Novak-Detlef-korver-Roy lineup would be hard to defend in spurts, plus Hakeem's are defensive impact is good enough to mitigate the defensive issues that lineup might cause.
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