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Default Re: Team building game 2013. Now with coaches and a prize that isnt worth your time.

Group 2:
Gregg Popovich
Alonzo Mourning

Group 3:
Elton Brand - Clippers

Group 4:
Jrue Holiday
Eddie Jones
Andre Iguodala

Group 5:
Andre Miller
Jamal Crawford
Theo Ratliff

Group 6:
Thabo Sefelosha
Serge Ibaka

Group 7:
Maurice Peterson
Steve Novak
Craig Smith

Depth Chart:

CE: Alonzo Mourning | Theo Ratliff
PF: Elton Brand | Serge Ibaka | Craig Smith
SF: Andre Iguodala | Thabo Sefelosha | Steve Novak
SG: Eddie Jones | Jamal Crawford | Mo Peterson
PG: Jrue Holiday | Andre Miller

I just love the defense of this team with essentially the entire starting unit. Brand is good for 20 or so a night on 50% shooting. Bench has a nice combination of defense and offense as Ratliff and Ibaka are good shot blockers and Thabo may be the pest perimeter defender in the association. Crawford and Rhino provide the offense while Andre is a savvy vet.

Pop could probably tailor Holiday to play like Parker as well

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