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Default Re: Theoo basketballs school

Originally Posted by kmartshopper
Excellent brain post my erudite friend. I will pass this info along at my next autistic basketball league game
thnx men

Originally Posted by Mr. Jabbar
This is fked up in so many levels, I don't know where to start... Is there a maximum iq ceiling of 15 required to attend your school?

wtf*** is these negative to these thread ??? i try to make a peoples here have a BRAIN POSTING , that the do complain to that people just say a fk** shit. these posts just confirm to me that there need mo re lesonss to the people the dont not a fk** about basketball if your dont not want learn get fk** out these thread!! next lesson well be shoting a jumpshot

hey who fk** change to my titel ???? thats is fk** rude to my posting that the do it without a any permission why fk*** your to that , who is these ??? who stalk to me ?? jeff your do this?

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