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Originally Posted by Theoo
Hello guys these is serious threads to only serious postss!!! these is my now basketballs school to ish. there many peoples here who do a posts "ISH is sucking , the do a none brain posts , where brain posts??""" and is true , there is a dumb fk** postings many , but a great modertator. i think to myself why there none rain posts the cant not make more ? and i have a lightbulps to my head , how the do da brain posts if there dont not learn brain posts.. so a here to my basketballs schools i will make a teaching. if the peoples are want these thread i well make a new teachings every sunday!!! here a first lessons:

#1 a lesson , 4 points plays

" If the shooter makes their free throws he will have scored four points in a single play, hence the terminology.
In basketball, a four-point play is the rare occasion when an offensive player shoots and makes a three-point field goal while simultaneously being hit"

yes your read to these right , there can make a FOUR POITNS TO A SINGLE SHOTS . how the do these , a shot nothing and the net for half court?? no these a none brain posts to say , but a nice guess!!! there can not only make a 2 points , not only 3 points but a 4 points !!! these is a shoter shot a 3pt shots to a foul!! and then there do freethrow and these mean that there is 4 points to a 3 pt shots in one play . now these a VERY HARD TO SHOTS!!! so to only if your haave a much confidense to your shots , and maker a huge play to win game.

Excellent brain post my erudite friend. I will pass this info along at my next autistic basketball league game
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