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Default What teams would I have access to all of their games through the regular season?

Every year I say I should start watching more college basketball and every year I don't start watching until late in the season and then into march madness.

I figure I need to pick up a good bandwagon team and in order to do that I'll need the ability to watch all of their games, or at least have access to do so.

What teams would be best for that? I already have some teams I vaguely like but it doesn't really matter. I'd prefer if it isn't Kentucky because I'd feel dirty hopping on that bandwagon next year.

Is there a lot of selection of teams that I'd be able to go to a site like firstrowsports and catch all of their games through the year or is it only a select few in power conferences?

That's all I really need to know, I can do the research of teams on my own. However if you would like to provide insight on that in any way I'd appreciate it, haha.
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