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Default Re: Miami Heat - Overrated Pretenders?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
They're obviously not pretenders.

I don't understand why people are so scared of them. Last year was the year to be scared and everyone was talking about how OKC would slap them around if they met in the Finals...and I said that if that was the Finals (I didn't think OKC would make it but props to them) the simple fact that Miami were much better would take out OKC. But Miami has had their year and they're not going to turn it on like that.

Dwyane Wade cannot turn into a sidekick for an entire year and then suddenly D-Wade his way back into elite status. Even if he turns it on after the all-star break, he will not reach those levels this year. Bosh is going to play well but he's straight up a sidekick and not currently capable of being what he was in Toronto. And he's going to be overmatched at center. Lopez will outplay him, Noah will outplay him, Chandler will outplay him. If Bynum is healthy, he's gonna kill him...even if Bosh, individually, plays better. The Celtics, with an actual center (which I imagine they'll get) will kill him inside. Whether Varejao or Gortat. Even Horford could outdo him. People don't realize that the East has plenty of guys who can legitimately play the center position and that very dynamic will outdo him.

Which of these teams will actually beat Miami? I'm not sure that the Knicks would beat the Heat, but I wouldn't be surprised and I believe they'll be in the Finals before Miami. Miami is just not that impressive.
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