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Default Re: How do you play 21?

First shot = 3 pointer, worth 3.

FG's: 2 points

3FG's: 3 points

FT: From FT Line, worth 1 point each, up to 3 after every made FG.First FT made in the game is worth 2 points. Make all 3 and it's your ball again. Miss, and the ball goes to the man who rebounds it.

Tip-ins: Reset to 0 if at or below 11. Reset to 11 if above 11. Player that tips it in gets 2 points and FT's.

To win: Get to exactly 21 and make a 3 after. If you're at 20 and you're not taking FT's... you're back at 15. If you miss your 3, you're back at 15. If you miss your 3 and it gets tipped in, you're at 0.

No out of bounds.

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