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Default 2012-2013 Regular Season wrap up + Playoffs Preview

First of all, congratulations to all who qualified for the playoffs
And to those who didn't, better luck next time

End of year awards

Rookie of the year: Bird – wins by default since his only competition was dunksby But to be fair, he had a solid performance, almost made a miraculous final week comeback to steal the 6th spot, just to fall short. If he didn't have so many deadweights to start the year (Klove/Dirk etc.), there's no doubt in my mind things would have been different.

Most surprising performance: Rich – he really turned some heads this season, considering his past performance hasn't been exactly stellar, to finish as the #1 seed was a job well done indeed. Rameek gets an honorable mention as well.

Most disappointing performance: Truth – my oh my, what happened to this guy? The former finalist finds himself out of the league next season after finishing in the bottom 2.. Vapid also gets a mention here; as the guy vowed to be active this season, though he did continue to set his lineup and make add/drops, he never got on chatzy after the first few weeks.

Waiver Wire King: Stat - so for the second year in a row, Statman takes the WWK award, although he made several sweet pickups throughout the year, it was the Larry Sanders move that stood out the most by far. He should however, send a gift basket to Rameek because this wouldn't have been possible without him

The King of Slings (aka most active trader): B4Life – despite trading 70~80% less than usual, it was still enough the top the league in total trade numbers. However, this significant decline in trade could be attributable for the fact that there were a few managers this year who barely traded at all

Now on to the first round preview..

Championship Playoffs
BYE: Rich, Pete

#4 Stat V #5 DZW

Its been a long two years for Stat, who found himself in the consolation brackets the past two seasons despite constructing some very talented teams. However, this year his team has been blessed with pretty good health, and that's all the difference it makes. Stats team has a load of talent, but at the same time what seems to be a very streaky squad of players (Turner, Hawes, Gallo, Mayo etc.). If his guys are are 'on', he makes for a tough out.

He's going up against DZW, the only active premiere member who has made the playoffs every season, known for making teams with his trademark depth, he once again fields a team that is solid from top to bottom. His team is kind of like the current Denver Nuggets, no true dominant star, but has significant depth to make up for it. But just like the Nuggets, how far can this team go without a stud like LBJ/KD etc.?

Predicted winner: Flip a coin.. it really depends more on whether Stats guys are hot or cold - this is a very 50/50 match in my opinion. But considering that DZW has had subpar luck throughout this season (at least that's how I feel ), perhaps fortune will change in the playoffs, so, DZW is the pick.

#3 Rameek V #6 Sky

Rameek, much like Rich, was not picked by many to make the postseason, but he has done a solid job in making a competitive team. Though he made a splendid waiver pickup on Tony Parker, losing Marc Gasol may be too much. He still has a decent team with strong guard play led by CP3, however he pretty much has no frontcourt.

Sky, yet another manager who exceeded past performance, I think he definitely improved as a manger this season, and it shows, with his first playoff berth. That said, at the same time, he almost blew everything he worked for by playing a dangerous game with Bird on the last week of the regular season. I think he has quite a nice team, the key factors will likely be the play of Chris Bosh & Pau Gasol.

Predicted winner: Sky

Let the games begin! Good luck to everyone

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