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Default Re: What to buy an Asian couple for a wedding gift?

Originally Posted by L.Kizzle
They are not Americanized Asians, I stated that already. They are very traditional. She doesn't drink or curse and I'm pretty sure he doesn't either. I've only met him once and he is real quiet.

I will give them some moneys.
Lol you're still making this harder than it is. Ok so they're not Americanized but they live in America and I assume one of them speaks English and are a human couple. So you can't buy them a bottle or a Bill Bellamy stand up DVD, but everything else is fair game.

You don't need to get all gimmicky because they're Asian . Actually it'll be pretty funny if you came with a gag gift like a fancy set of chopsticks or driving for dummies book or something offensive.

But money is always a good choice. Every culture likes money.
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