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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by Mr Clutch Melo

Shaky tiers.

Messi should be in the GOAT tier. When counting his accomplishments, I don't see how a guy like Cruyff can be there and not him. His individual skill can be argued that others on that list are on par or better than him (not too many though), but his team accomplishments are hard to ignore.

Biggest omission though is... WTH IS CASILLAS? Arguably GOAT keeper. Should be godtier. Has won virtually everything, had epic moments, and if you include Buffon and Kahn, Casillas at least should be mentioned. But if there was a GK to include in GOAT tier it would be him.

Also Iniesta is absolutely not better than let's say Del Piero, FIGO (cmon), prime Kaka (wow), Shevchenko, etc. I'm not even sure he's better than Stoickhov or Hagi. I would even put R.Carlos, Pirlo, and Hierro ahead of him. It's just too striking to see Iniesta among names such as Rivaldo, Henry, Baggio, Romario, etc. when (skillswise) he is not better than let's say a Djorkaeff or Beckham. These guys were as brilliant as he is in their own way.

Bebeto was as good as Iniesta is and he's not even mentioned.

There are other mistakes that make me shake my head, but that Iniesta bump was a bit too out there to ignore.
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