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Default Re: What to buy an Asian couple for a wedding gift?

Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
I'm sorry but a Playstation 3 for a wedding? This is not a gift for some 8 year old on his birthday; this is a wedding. Kudos to the OP for actually caring enough about different cultures to find out what is an appropriate gift. Some of you guys are coming up with some lame a*s ideas. But seriously OP, you prob don't have to give out any money unless if you are a really close friend of her's. Usually aquaintances aren't expected to give money as a gift. If you want to do it the American way and get a gift, then a nice bottle of liquor should do it.
If you go to a wedding and can afford it you bring a gift. He is in america. Not a bottle of liquour. Something off the registry or an envelope with cash.
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