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Default Re: Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan, LeBron, winning championships, etc

Originally Posted by guy
For fractional simplicity sakes, lets say instead of 4 more misses its 12 more misses, and on average a 3rd of them are offensive rebounds while the rest are defensive rebounds, and lets say in each situation they convert points on 50% of them. One team would get 4 offensive rebounds, and then 4 points as a result, while the other team would get 8 defensive rebounds and 8 points as a result. Thats a 4 point net negative.

The defense is going to get a possession even if the offense makes the shot. However the team shooting is gaining an additional possession by getting a rebound.

Secondly just because the defense gets a defensive rebound and scores doesn't mean it is was a fast break. If teams got a fast break point for every defensive rebound they would average over 40 fast break points per game instead of 13.6.

And the same can be said about players that regularly attack and draw defenders away from their teammates, also drawing more fouls in the process. That's a more efficient approach overall

And it is also easier to defend because the defense has less area to cover.

I'm not just talking about fast breaks (actually that is exactly what you were talking about) but higher uptempo possessions in general. And 13.6 points is pretty significant. All that tells me is if a team is missing more shots, which they would on 3s, then more defensive rebounds for the other team will result and more fast break points in general.

The problem is that a defensive rebound is only worth .33 fast break points on average. It takes 6 defensive rebounds to get one fast break field goal.

And long rebounds are more likely to be gotten by the offense since the defense has inside position.

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