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Default Re: A Healthy Miami Heat Without Lebron Would Still Make The NBA Finals

Originally Posted by Indian guy
Kobe fans . This is a never ending nightmare for them.

Anybody who thinks Miami w/o LeBron is beating Boston, Indiana and a healthy Knicks and Bulls(w/ Rose) team is INSANE. Insane. Without LeBron, they are left with a borderline top-5 player in Wade, a 3rd option-masquerading as 2nd in Bosh and a listless roster beyond that. They have one of the worst, if not the worst, rotations in the league at PG and PF among playoff teams. LeBron covers their numerous size issues with his ability to play the 4. Their defense would go to the toilet against ANY good team in the playoffs without him(which is what happened in '09 and '10 under Spoelstra). And without a great creator in LeBron, their legion of spot-up shooters are rendered useless too - because that's the only skill they have. Imagine Chalmers or Cole handling the ball a lot against playoff D....*shudders*....
Stop making shit up, Miami was a top 5 defensive team both years before Bron and in the series against Atlanta in 09 and Boston in 10 all those games were low scoring battles. **** outta here with this made up shit, Wade ANCHORED that defense every year after the championship and damn near won DPOY in 09. Stop it with this made up bullshit.
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