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Default Re: A Healthy Miami Heat Without Lebron Would Still Make The NBA Finals

Originally Posted by Nash
Are you serious? Indiana would have no problems taking care of this team, Boston as well and a healthy Knicks could do the job. Indiana are very good, they have a great front court with Hibbert and West and back court with Hill and Paul George.

Please use your brain and stop trolling, you should know basketball at this point. You don't get to the finals by taking away the best player in the world and leaving them with the worst front court and a very bad bench. Lebron makes all their weaknesses work and without him they'd be on display for every team to utilize.
Those teams just have the CHANCE of beating them. But if that Heat team is clicking, and Wade is doing his stuff, they can win and make their way to the finals no problem. Are you disputing the possibility of this happening?

Look at those teams you mention.. you couldn't even name one superstar in there

End of the day, it's a possibility, and big one at that, that Heat sans Lebron could still make the finals. That's how stacked it is + how weak the east is.
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