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Default Re: League of Legends

Originally Posted by ballup
So you want someone to drag you out of Bronze III?

I'm actually Bronze I , with my main acc in Silver II . Just wanted to test out a ranked 5s team on my new one . Thanks for the positivity though , whoever you are .

My homie knows a dude that works for Steam and I'm waiting on him to hook me up with DoTA 2 tonight , so hopefully I'll get to see what's up .

From what I've gathered so far , DoTA 2 is more individual counter based versus the team comp in LoL , also with more ways to gank and all the champs right off the bat which makes it seems promising . No matter what MOBA , playing with a premade team is always more fun .

Lower # of total players = Lesser pool of noobs/AFKs/negative people

I've heard good things though , so my fingers are crossed .

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