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Default Re: Tim Duncan vs Larry Bird

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
I understand what you mean by floor defender. And yes, obviously correct on hustle defender, and stealer of the ball.

But Tim Duncan's greatest gift as a defender is his team defense. He's not, as some say, the prototypical anchor. He's an anchor, but he defends mostly out of the post and not under the rim (he's played PF most of his career).

But Duncan's greatest ability is to anchor within a team concept, covers basic rotations, is supremely fundamental and his basketball acumen is quite incredible. He just has a great feel for the game. Combine that with him being a better defender overall (and that is clear) and he is the better team defender. I get what you mean by Bird being a better team defender, as in his overall basketball IQ and ability to play within the structure. But that is Duncan's defensive game, but with the added dominant ability and ability to anchor.

And he isn't a lousy floor defender. He's a C playing PF and he plays a pretty basic game on defense. He doesn't venture out much, even for a center, much less for a PF.

Agreed. Good Description of Details
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