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Default Re: Better player : Derrick Williams or Tristian Thompson?

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
He's not big nor strong enough to play the 4, and he's not quick enough to play the 3.

I don't think a player hitting jumpers qualifies as having a lot of offensive potential. Question: Does Derrick have any defensive upside/skills? Has he shown improvement with his D? And also, can he create for himself offensively?

Im not sure if you are being sarcastic or if you are actually asking a question. Im going to go ahead and answer it.

Derrick is a average to above average defender. He is quick and strong but is not a powerhouse and he can get bullied by the bigger PF's such as Randolph. He played excellent D today against Ryan Anderson. As long as the guy isn't a lot bigger than him then he is a good defender.

Yes he can create for himself. Offensively he can do pretty much everything aside from hit is ft's consistently (70% for a skilled player is low in my opinion). His mid range J is money, he can shoot the 3 and has gotten very good at drawing fouls. He is also extremely athletic.

Im not sure where this inconsistency point is coming from? He has backed up Love for most of his career so hasn't played a lot. The last month or 2 since he has been starting he has consistently put up around 18 and 8.

Tristan is still a good player but he is solid. Williams can become a star.
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