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Default Re: Who's better, Dwight Howard or Bill Russell?

This is a joke thread.

On the one hand you have one of the very greatest players ever to exist. On the other hand you got a overrated all-star who has zero IQ and heart.

Russell's shot-blocking is probably the best in the history of the game. His timing and quick-twitch muscles were amazing - he could keep his feet on the court until the ball left the scorer's hand before deflecting it. By deflecting the ball Russell kept it in bounds and redirected it towards his teammates to spur the vaunted Celtics fast break. That is how Russell turned layups into short-armed tear drops, and shot-put jumpers into mid range rainbow shots, and mid range jumpers into moon ball hail mary prayers.

A six-space rebounder, could jump vertically like Rodman, besides laterally and front/backwards. Plus Russell was much stronger than his size seemed to indicate. Had amazing hands, and Jordan-level thirst to win. His IQ was probably higher than anyone else, except for a very select few.

Howard? Good rebounder, a solid defensive helper, no question, as long the offensive set didn't sucker him into being out of position. He's never been able to slow down bigs who could turn, face & go.
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