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Default Re: Bernard King & Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by gengiskhan
WTF was dat!

McGrady is EXTREMELY LUCKY to play in the era of OPEN COURT BASKETBALL.

If McGrady ever tried the skill of "McGrady to McGrady" pass off the backboard in the clogged paint area of the '80s & '90s, that will result in CAREER ENDING injury coutesy of Rodman & the bad boys, Oak man, Mason, Harper & the Knicks, Mourning & the heat, Motombo & the Hawks or whoever!

You wanna watch real scoring skills, go watch Mitch Richmonds game. he is such an underachiever.

Same can be said about Glenn Rice, Steve Smith.

All 3 will BEAST in McGrady, Kobe, AI era.

That was in an all-star game.

Isiah threw it off the glass to MJ in an All-Star game.

He did a bounce pass alley oop to a Piston (John Salley maybe) in the late 80s.
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