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Originally Posted by Pistol Pete
take hibbert back, idk, i see two solutions:

1. grab hibbert, drop bogut.

2. make you pay for admittedly dumb (although it wasnt you) move, grab hibbert, but forced to drop harkless back and wait til he clears waivers again to redo bogut for harkless drop

since I don't wanna benefit from this situation, and I am #1 waiver, I'll say you should recover hibbert for bogut while keeping harkless, feel like there should be some sort of penalty for this but I'm blanking and nothing comes to mind so that's all I got.

Appreciate your unbiased input, especially coming from a manager who is the 2nd seed with the #1 waiver. Your clean cut fair competitive play is commendable

I also feel like there should be some sort of penalty to be honest, but at this stage of the season there really isn't anything that makes sense - at least not that I can think of.
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