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Default Re: Bernard King & Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by Trentknicks
Bernard King took Larry Birds Celtics to game 7 in the ECSF and collectively shat on them with multiple 40 point games in that series and that playoff run. Dude got under rated because his injury cut him short. Taking Boston to 7 games in ECSF isn't something to sneeze at, especially as he had literally no help. Obviously had less playoff appearances that T Mac because of his injury.
For a kid growing up a Knicks fan in NY, I can't adequately express how the Boston series played out in the city. It was the only news in town.

Bernard was beyond explosive. He was simply unstoppable. The local tension was even higher because everyone hated Boston, and never thought the Knicks would put up such a fight.

It got even higher when Cornbread Maxwell got on Boston radio and said something to the effect that "the b*tch ain't scoring 40 on us", referring to Bernard. Of course, BK went on to do just that.

It was the most amazing offensive performance in a series that I've ever personally seen. Considering the opponent, take a look at the Knicks roster then, and figure out how much heavy offensive lifting Bernard had to do:

Bill Cartwright
Ray Williams
Rory Sparrow
Truck Robinson
Louis Orr
Darrell Walker
Trent Tucker
Ernie Grunfeld
Marvin Webster
Len Elmore
Eric Fernsten
Rudy Macklin

Just an amazing, magical performance. McGrady might have longevity on his side, but he can't match the sustained excellence Bernard achieved that year in the playoffs.

Incidentally, BK finished second to Bird in the MVP voting, and actually won the Sporting News MVP.
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