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Default Re: Better Player: Scottie Pippen or John Havlicek?

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
There's a level of reverence for Russell that will transcend play on the court. In 1968 I think you're probably right...but I think Russell was noticeably a lesser player and I don't think his defense was anywhere near what it once was...even what it was the year prior.

Based on what though? The stats, as well as the opinions of players and coaches at the time, strongly disagree with that. What evidence do you have that's forcing you to ignore all that and come to a different conclusion? The box score stats?

Part of that reverence comes from the older generation who actually saw him play - or played with or against him - and knew that his impact really did transcend his stats.

Also, if you doubt Russell's defensive impact in 1969, consider the fact that the Celtics' DRtg dropped 10 absolute points, 7.4 relative points, and they lost 18.5 defensive win shares when he left.

Year DRtg Place Diff From Mean Diff from 2nd DWS SRS ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1969 88.4 1/14 -6.8 -2.8 40.6 +5.35 1970 98.5 7/16 +0.6 +2.3 22.1 -1.59

Most of those quotes I posted about other players - including Hondo himself - and coaches recognizing Russell as the Celtic's best player were from 1969.
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