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Default Re: Better Player: Scottie Pippen or John Havlicek?

Originally Posted by La Frescobaldi
I know what you mean about majority opinions. I can think of several presidents I haven't cared for... who were elected by majority opinion. but there's lots of examples in the NBA too:

* Yao Ming was selected as an All Star without even playing, like, any games.
* People think Wade won a ring without any help, the way Nowitzki did.
* People think Jordan won a ring without any help, the way DJ or Rick Barry did.

you know? We could do this all day!

* People think Kobe Bryant was never the best player in the NBA.
* People think Javale McGee is the most athletic tall guy of all time.
* People think Oscar Robertson was better than Magic Johnson.
* People think the referees never shave points even after a referee was incarcerated for shaving points..... and they apparently thought it was just a coincidence that after that there were enormous rules changes about speaking to referees so no hint of scandal would be allowed.
* People think Carmelo Anthony is a better offensive player than KB or Durant ever were.

People who weren't even born yet and never saw a game from the '83 season... think Julius Erving was the best player on the Sixers ring team. Even never heard of "FO FO FO"

I agree with the majority opinion not always being right, but this was a very large majority opinion.

Also, the bolded definitely were not/ are not majority opinions, and all star voting has more to do with popularity than it does people picking the players they actually think are the best.


Now that one is interesting... possibly even worth a thread.

Do you have to be the best player on your team, to be the leader of your team?

Obviously I'm in the minority once again, when I answer my own question,
'nope. you don't.'


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