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Default Re: Bernard King & Tracy McGrady

Originally Posted by Trentknicks
Bernard King took Larry Birds Celtics to game 7 in the ECSF and collectively shat on them with multiple 40 point games in that series and that playoff run. Dude got under rated because his injury cut him short. Taking Boston to 7 games in ECSF isn't something to sneeze at, especially as he had literally no help. Obviously had less playoff appearances that T Mac because of his injury.

EDIT: In the first round against Detriot, which they won in 5 games (3-2), BK had four 40 point games and 36 in the other.
McGrady took the future NBA Champs Pistons to 7 games in 2003. Took Dirk-led Mavs to 7 games in 2005.
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