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Default Re: InsideHoops Forum Intro, Guidelines, Search, Feedback

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
Because it's racism and it's first time I ever got something like that. People have gotten personal and it's in the same neg too, there's a line that it shouldn't cross either but seems inevitable. The racism ? It's just never makes sense and I don't play around with that. Either fix that or take off the rep system.

So I guess the purpose is of not needing the rep system anymore if people are going to misuse it for nonsense like that or ban the people who do this if you are running ISH.

That's all I got to say on this.

So it did bother you. lol @ letting negs get to you. This is all funny to me. I constantly get negs telling me to go off myself. I just laugh it off, because is hilarious as f*ck.

Loosen up and welcome to the internet. Better yet welcome to ISH, it's been that way years.
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