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Default Re: As a Kobe hater and a Laker hater...

Originally Posted by I<3NBA
this is what i don't understand about this whole stick with a team shit. i have no loyalty with any one team because i don't identify with any one NBA city. none of them are my home. so i have to pick a team based on something.

Exactly, you dont understand what it means to be a fan. you might like a player or two, but you dont understand what being a fan is about.

Do you follow college sports? Do fans of college teams, jump from team to team? (the answer is "hell no, they root for the school they went to or the school that they love.. They don't switch around every five minutes")

its the same concept as national pride ...

i choose to pick the team of my current favorite player. ofc if a game involves my country, i'd root for my country's team.

exactly... you would root for your country because of the pride you have for your country...

Do you take pride in Lebron James?

but since my country isn't even involve in the NBA, and not even one player from my country is playing even for a D-League team, it doesn't make sense to stick with just one team.

yes it does... Not everybody in the states has a team in their town to follow. They pick a team and root for it.. very easy thing to comprehend. Even people who live in a town where there is a team? they might like another team, but at least they stick with the team they like thru thick and thin.. They don't jump ship.

i don't act butthurt over being called a bandwagoner. it's you who is so butthurt over the idea of other people being other than what you wish them to be. newsflash pal. it's a free world. other ppl can do what they want and not follow you just because you think you are right.

no sh*t its a free world fool... What am I threatening legal action against you or something?

calm down and keep the issue in perspective.. nobody said "its not a free world" no need for the extra drama

what you don't get is that i can't root for one NBA team is because none of that team is part of my homeland.

Yeah you can... pick one and stick with them. its a simple concept

you just dont understand the concept of being a fan...

again, lol at you for thinking your opinions are what defines the world. typical American hubris.

You follow an American sport, and when an American tells you about the concept of being a fan, you scoff and claim its hubris?

you are getting called out by multiple people in here because you dont understand fandom, and you sound like an idiot... Im trying to help you out, but you will have none of that

it isnt just "my personal opinion"

Fine, brag about about how you bandwagon whatever way the wind blows.. Just dont be surprised when people respond the way they have in this thread
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