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Default Re: As a Kobe hater and a Laker hater...

Originally Posted by Rasheed1
Does your HOME (wherever that is) have a team in the Olympics every 4 years?

Do you have any pride in your own country?
this is what i don't understand about this whole stick with a team shit. i have no loyalty with any one team because i don't identify with any one NBA city. none of them are my home. so i have to pick a team based on something. i choose to pick the team of my current favorite player. ofc if a game involves my country, i'd root for my country's team. but since my country isn't even involve in the NBA, and not even one player from my country is playing even for a D-League team, it doesn't make sense to stick with just one team.
Like I said, if you dont live in city with a team? then pick a team and stick with it. you called yourself a bandwagon fan and then act butthurt over it later on.
i don't act butthurt over being called a bandwagoner. it's you who is so butthurt over the idea of other people being other than what you wish them to be. newsflash pal. it's a free world. other ppl can do what they want and not follow you just because you think you are right.

i root for all my country's team in whatever sports they are so it's not like i'm some traitorous asswipe. what you don't get is that i can't root for one NBA team is because none of that team is part of my homeland. if you can't get that into your head, then you're srsly retarded. maybe when i become an American citizen, i'll root for a team of my US hometown (which will probably be NY since that's my planned destination). but until then, there's nothing wrong with picking a team based on my favorite player, and their style of play.

again, lol at you for thinking your opinions are what defines the world. typical American hubris.
Originally Posted by poido123
The thing you will miss out on and what you don't realise is, that by not sticking with a team in its ups and downs means you will miss out on hating rival teams and enjoying sweet victory when your team beats a rival or wins a championship through adversity.
not really. it's almost just the same as sticking with and following one player throughout their career. it's not like i haven't had any heartbreak all those years Lebron failed to win the championship. i dare say it's even harder being a Lebron fan all those years before last year. that's why it was a sweet moment when he finally won. the feeling of vindication was shared by everyone who followed him.

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