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Default Re: should dwyane wades resurection/take over/heat streak cost lebron mvp?

Originally Posted by Kingwillball
This.. Plenty of years prime Wade lead heat were a 40 win team. I think without lebron Bosh averages 20 but they are 45-50 win team max.. Lebron is that good and does it all for Heat. Same reason Cavs were a top team as well. He is the straw that stirs drink.

Try again. The teams you are referring to, 09 and 10, won 43 and 47 games, respectively. In 09, for most of the season, it was:

Chalmers (rookie)/ Wade/ Marion/ Haslem/ Anthony

And in 2010, it was: Arroyo/Wade/Richardson/Beasley/JO

Wade would have killed for LeBron's cast in either of those two seasons, especially 2010. There's not a Heat rotation player outside of Wade in those two seasons who would've started for those Cavs teams, most of them wouldn't get any PT, and some of them wouldn't make the team. LeBron hasn't had a team that bad since he was leading Jeff McInnes and co. to the lottery his first two years.

And you're telling me that you don't think 2013 Wade, who by most accounts has returned to at least 2011 form, couldn't take a team to more wins than that with the addition of a 2nd tier superstar, much more interior size, more perimeter shooting and defenders, and the maturation of the few players from those years who are still around, such as Chalmers.

This is why you shouldn't try to comment knowledgeably about the pre-2011 Heat when (I strongly suspect) you only started paying attention to them after that.
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