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Default Re: Tim Duncan Post Moves Compilation

Originally Posted by no pun intended
The remarkable aspect to Timmy's game is that he makes it look so...easy.

One of the things I noticed watching that video that I haven't really thought about before and I haven't heard anyone really pick up on is just how long and coordinated Duncan is in general. Every time he uses that sweeping hook shot across the lane, it's virtually unblockable (and even hard to contest) because he takes these long strides and his wingspan is such that it's so hard for a defender to time. He also looks so awkward every time he faces up (watch how his knees are pointed inward every time he faces up a defender) but he's never off balance. People like to refer to him as fundamental, but always thought the real key to how well he plays is just how unorthodox his style is. He doesn't necessarily have the flash of an Olajuwon, being the pure physical specimen Robinson was, or the apparent force of nature of a Shaq, but there was no one on the court who could prevent him from doing what he wanted or getting to where he wanted to be.
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