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Default Re: Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan, LeBron, winning championships, etc

Originally Posted by DatAsh
I think his point was that he spent all but a couple years of his career surrounded by great players. Jordan spent almost half his career on bad to mediocre teams which possibly inflated his stats a bit.

There's really two ways to look at here, in terms of success and in terms of numbers. Great teammates have an affect on both. Kobe's numbers probably stand to improve more than Jordan's or Lebron's if the supporting casts were equalized.
Context matters. If Kobe spent like 8 seasons on a non-contender he could have put up 5 or 6 35+ PPG seasons.

If MJ came into the league playing with an already established superstar dominant center, his scoring numbers would be drastically decreased.

You could also say though, that although MJs numbers would be lower, he might have started winning championships earlier.

This is why it's stupid to judge players with blanket criteria. Every player has completely different circumstances.
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