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Default Re: Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan, LeBron, winning championships, etc

Originally Posted by DatAsh
There's really two ways to look at here, in terms of success and in terms of numbers. Great teammates have an affect on both. Kobe's numbers would probably stand to improve more than Jordan's or Lebron's if the supporting casts were equalized.

Well, it also shows that whether or not Shaq was on his team, Kobe was gonna put up 20+ shots a season. So Shaq wasn't taking shots away from him. If anything, having him on his team really helped, because the defense would often collapse on Shaq (giving more and better looks to the other Lakers).

I don't really buy that all of the "Kobe's stats would have been better if Shaq wasn't on the team" stuff. He would have scored more, but probably less efficiently. That's about it.
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