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Default Re: Kobe Bryant on Michael Jordan, LeBron, winning championships, etc

Originally Posted by Calabis
No Kobe they didn't play with a dominant force which is why they didn't have instant success at the beginning of their careers as far as team wins(3 of your chips are because of Shaq) and you coming into a playoff team. And no Kobe, you would have not matched their numbers in your first two to three seasons....if that's the case you would have been more dominant early on and not sitting behind Eddie Jones.

Exactly. Funny how Kobe talks about numbers, yet fails to mention he took MORE shots than Shaq.

2000-01, FGA: Kobe-22.2, Shaq-19.2
2001-02, FGA: Kobe-20, Shaq-18.3
2002-03, FGA: Kobe-23.5, Shaq-18.1
2003-04, FGA: Kobe-18.1, Shaq-14.1

Bean was a second option in '99, and '99-00. In '98, he was more like a third or fourth option, and in '96-97, Kobe was more like a seventh option. There's a reason for that. He wasn't that great coming out of highschool AND had to earn the right to lead the way offensively.
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