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Default Re: As a Kobe hater and a Laker hater...

Originally Posted by I<3NBA
i didn't switch favorites. i just followed Lebron. why should i stick to what ever stereotype some other idiot wants me to do? lol. it's my life, i should be able to do with it what i want. just because you have your own definition of what a fan is doesn't mean others take of what a fan is is wrong. i'm not even from the US so its not like i'm betraying my hometown or something. you idiots are just lame for trying to force your own definition of fandom on others. your worldview is not the worldview of others.

You know what, I passionately hate the team you go for now, and it feels great to be a long time Bulls fan. When things went down after MJ retired, watching Noah develop to seeing Rose drafted and now seeing them back contending in the playoffs again, the journey is the satisfying part. The thing you will miss out on and what you don't realise is, that by not sticking with a team in its ups and downs means you will miss out on hating rival teams and enjoying sweet victory when your team beats a rival or wins a championship through adversity. You will always have that shallow feeling like its great that your team one but what kind of fan am I? what does it really mean to me to support a team and its organisation? Anyways, each to their own, I still believe my bulls can beat the heat against all odds this year, and nothing in my mind will change that because Im a true fan.
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