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Default Re: How good was Duncan's post game in his prime?

Some great replies in this thread.

One other thing that Duncan did better than pretty much everyone else, if not in history then at least in his era was getting blocked, regaining possession and finishing the play. Duncan could get blocked two or three times in a play and still convert the basket in the end. He would never get fazed by the defense.

He also mastered all the subtleties of a pivot's ground game. Commentators often notice things like footwork and moves, but they're not the only offensive skill needed for a bigman. For instance, how you use your upper body is tremendously important - if you play in the low post, you quickly realize that this is arguably the single most overlooked post skill in the game. You can create a big advantage by positioning your body a certain way, using your elbow and shoulder, etc. McHale and Olajuwon are mostly praised for their footwork but they too were amazing at this aspect of the game.
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