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Default Re: Advice to SacJB Shady or any other fan of a bad team

Originally Posted by ralph_i_el
Why can't I just root for my bad team? Tickets to the game are dirt cheap and I don't have to deal with shitty bandwagon fans. Obviously I'd love for the wiz to be a great team but there's a silver lining that comes with being a fan of a shitty team

My squad has won 22 games this year and I have thoroughly enjoyed the season. I've watched every game... Many DVR'ed hours after they're over due to work.

There is plenty to watch for with young teams that are in rebuilding modes. It is about evaluating talent, watching a team come together, seeing the areas of deficiency needing to be filled, etc.

These seasons where teams are still figuring things out make the playoff runs that much more special later on. That's something bandwagon fans could/would never understand. Just like players and teams come together during rebuilding years and it galvanizes them and bands them together for the good times, the same applies to the fans.
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