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Default Re: One Thread About how bad the Warriors really are

The Memphis Grizzlies just lost and they were smoking hot. And who did they lose to? The Utah Jazz. The Warriors are on the verge of losing their 6th spot tomorrow as they take on the Rockets, on the road. And that would put them just 2 games ahead of Utah.

Seriously though, the Warriors have not taken advantage of their home schedule, which was supposed to be the fortuitous part of the season for them, the most anticipated part.

I want Utah to keep winning. Why? Because I want GS to earn their spot. I don't want it to be handed to them. If Utah keeps losing, the Warriors might half ass it. But if Utah wins and the Warriors regress even more, they will have learned a very painful and hard lesson by the time the playoffs come.

So now it's up to the Warriors. How bad do you want it Steph? How bad do you want it Lee or Bogut? Klay are you going to continue to launch or will you attack the basket? Barnes, will you stay passive or will you start driving the basket? Will Mark Jackson allow his wing players to leave their opponents wide open from beyond the arc?

They control their own destiny now. And I don't want Utah to lose. I want the Warriors to earn it.
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