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Default Re: Tim Duncan vs Larry Bird

Originally Posted by Whoah10115
This post is one big fail.

First of all, if you think Shaq had a better peak than Larry Bird, then go ahead and think it. That you're talking like it's the accepted opinion is, in fact, wrong. Choosing a random player where you think it's applicable doesn't prove your point.

Mostly, your post is really everything that is wrong with the way people rank players nowadays. Your "can't have it both ways" argument has nothing to do with having your own opinion and basing it on basketball play.

Shaq was as effective an offensive player as Bird, or anyone else ever.

Shaq was a superior rebounder.

Shaq was a superior defender.

Pretty damn hard to argue otherwise.

Maybe you take the "Bird was a much better passer, dribbler, outside shooter than Shaq" angle but again, the only thing that matters is IMPACT. That's literally the only thing that matters. Not how many things you can do effectively. With that understanding, Shaq is Birds equal as an offensive player.

Defense and rebounding are clear advantages for Shaq.
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