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Default Re: Am I the only person who would favor the Lakers over the Spurs in 1/8 match up?

Kobe has practically owned the spurs in the postseason.
Kobe only had two great series against the Spurs (+Shaq and Gasol)

2001 Spurs perimeter = Antonio Daniels + a handful of players at the end of their careers : Terry Porter (38),Avery Johnson (36),Steve Kerr (35),Sean Elliot (33)

2008 Bruce Bowen (37) was at the end of his career and Ginobili was playing injured

Kobe was useless in 1999 and 2003 and played well in 2002 and 2004.The Lakers were terrible when the Spurs were at their best (2005-2007) so Kobe never had a chance to get destroyed by those great Spurs teams.

The Spurs bigs are going to struggle, specially Duncan and the other Spur bigs
Howard as Superman is Lakers' only chance.

it's not gonna be easy.Tiago is playing well and Duncan looks rejuvenated (28/19 vs Mavs and 30/12/4/5 vs Cavs)
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