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Default Re: If Coaches counted against Cap, what would you pay Popovich?

Originally Posted by R.I.P.
I think you´d rather pay for all their talent in the FO/scouting. They simply draft/trade like machines. Look at the Spurs history, look at Presti (I think he wanted Parker back then) in OKC, look at the guy in Orlando. With the talent these guys drafted, recently traded for, put them on one team and they win the last 15 championships. That´s so good, poor Pop would be out of a job, because Phil Jackson would want to coach them.

PG Parker/Westbrook
SG Ginobili/Harden/Afflalo
SF Durant/Leonard
PF Ibaka/Scola/Harris
C Duncan/Vucevic/Splitter

Obvisouly Pop is a great coach and molds roleplayers for his system to perfection, but the foundation is Duncan, Parker and Ginobili. Sure they can survive the odd game without them, but it all comes back to them over the long run.

lol you can do that with a lot of teams. If you have 2x the draft picks you should be winning the championship
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