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Default Re: Tim Duncan vs Larry Bird

Originally Posted by LeBird
Bird went toe-to-toe with Moses Malone, which says enough about him rebounding. But Bird was a PF playing as an SF for a lot of his career so people don't exactly remember that.

I like Duncan, he is amongst the best of the 2nd tier of all-time greats but Bird is in the discussion for GOAT. Duncan isn't, and that's the difference.


seriously! Thats the NAIL IN THE COFFIN.

In modern day NBA (1970 - Present) excluding the 50s & 60s & 40s...

Only 3 Players are considered UNQUESTIONABLE GOAT for their ability to either TRANSFORM or TRANSCEND the game forever.

1. Michael Jordan: TRANSENDED the game forever where the rules are completely changed post MJ era. (WHOLE GENERATION COPIES HIM)

2. Magic Johnson: TRANSFORMED the game where modern day PURE PLAYMAKING PGs copy him.

3. LARRY BIRD: TRANFORMED the game where mordern day PURE or POINT FORWARDS copy him (LBJ, Pippen, T-mac)

Where is dat Tim Duncan in this argument.

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