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Default Re: Who's better, Dwight Howard or Bill Russell?

Originally Posted by Dbrog
Bill had Dwights defensive impact on the game but with even quicker reflexes and significantly better basketball ya...he actually destroys him defensively. Also, Russell could actually catch a ball and handle it in the post or on the break coast to coast (almost no PFs or Cs have ever been able to do this). He came at you like Lebron. Much better passer out of the post as well than Dwight.

Russell crushes all aspects of Dwight Howard.

just saw russ his last couple of seasons. the dude was long past his best days, but he would still make some incredible plays.

He was so intimidating that he could get shooters to hesitate when he wasn't even around. Just about all of the older guys i hung around with in those days - guys that saw Bill Russell in the 50s and early 60s - say he was the best player of that era and was inventing things in basketball that had never been seen before.
There's no comparing Bill Russell with Howard. Howard is a fine player but he doesn't have the fire inside, never did. What I mean, Russell was ferocious.
Had a style about him on the court. He had a way of just hanging around, kinda by the hoop, just off the edge of the paint... slow moving, deceptive.... looked almost lazy in a way.... like a barracuda will do if you've ever deep-snorkeled along off the coast a ways, they will lay off just on the edge of the dark... lazing along, lazing along but then suddenly there's a glitter and a silvery black flash and then WHAM!!
There's a blood cloud in the water and that cuda is circling his already dying prey.

Even though I saw him after his best days, when Wilt was in his best seasons, I could sure see why many people who watched him in his glory days were sure when they said, Bill Russell was the greatest ever.
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