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Default Re: Am I the only person who would favor the Lakers over the Spurs in 1/8 match up?

Originally Posted by NoGunzJustSkillz
Homeboy 33 years old spending every minute of his life sitting in his parent's basement typing about Kobe. He has some of the most uneducated responses as well. Honestly, before I clicked on his profile, I assumed by some of his responses that he was 14, 15 years old.

Trailer Park trash need to grow up on this forum. Earning off one's moth***'s banged Va**** in trailer is not a good way to make quick bucks. Kobe ball has led to Lakers falling behind 10-12 pts regularly throughout this season in 3rd quarter.

Just go check the scoreboard. They are always making late runs.

Post season teams wont be New Orleans Hornets chocking away last 8 mins of the game with only 2 pts so that Lakers can come back 15 pts down & win a thriller.
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